Rob Ryan takes over Coutts for Christmas

As I was coming out of Charing Cross station just before Christmas, I spotted that the front of Coutts bank had been adorned with the beautiful work of papercut artist Rob Ryan. I have a huge soft spot for Rob painstakingly crafted, whimsical and simply gorgeous paper cuts with their heartfelt messages, so to just stumble upon this really made my day!

The window display has been created to raise money for the Kid’s Trust, with the toy elephant, rocking horse and dolls house being auctioned for charity (although, I’d rather have one of Rob’s bells…) You can also donate to the cause by texting KIDSHELP to 70700 to give £5.

I’m used to seeing Rob’s work applied on a much smaller scale- delightful book illustrations, mug designs, bunting, lasercuts and much more  (check his delectable Etsy shop and Amazon for a collection of books) Rob’s ability to create designs that work just as well on such a large scale, as well as small is something that some artists/designers can never seem to master, but Rob manages to skilfully create delicate work which can tug the heartstrings and delight the eye whatever the shape or size of the surface.

Etsy have made a really lovely video about the life and work of Rob Ryan as part of their ‘Handmade Portraits’ series, it’s well worth a watch.

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